Cultivating your God-given Creativity


So what exactly is creativity and where does it came from? When God created the world, he created man and woman in his very own image. That work includes thinking, and planning which are all elements of creativity.

We take part with God in creativity. Man’s creativity is part of God’s image and likeness. Various individuals are provided gift and talents, however all are called to utilize these gift and talents in a room where they can share and improve this God- given skills.

God’s creativity is limitless. And we are made by God to cultivate and grow the gift of creativity within us. He longs to share His creativity through us. What we can do together defies creative imagination.

So again, welcome to this blog! This is created to meet you and gather information about the creativity God has imparted on you. We want to know how we can help in cultivating your gifts and talents. Stay blessed!